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Installing things

Okay, what I need to do is get some files including the installer from firebird official website and start installing. The installation is a smooth sailing process since the installer is already in executable form.

Now the bird is already installed, the next step would be creating a database instance. Since I hate to use firebird’s console, I started to look for an RDBMS. Fortunately from following the links in firebird official website I find a great RDBMS tool called IBExpert. The tool’s personal edition is free. Beware though, you have to commit transactions you made on it, since I spent hours to figure what’s wrong in my java program only to find the dummy data I inserted into the database hasn’t been commited.

Back to database creation, it’s easy to do that with the tool. But one thing that surprised me. The database is a single file, and we have to include it’s path in our connection string. How carefree …, but I think it’s easy to switch between dummy databases in development environment.

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