New Office, New Toys

It’s been 2 weeks since i moved to the new office. Well, of course it has a lot of brand new toys. Here we have Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Liferay Portal, Zimbra Mail Server, and Jabberd … all connected (to be) by OpenLDAP.

OK, here’s today catch :

In order to install Jabberd-2.2.4, we need to install gnu sasl newer than 0.2.27. I was fooled by the ordering in the site and downloaded 0.2.9, which is older than 0.2.27. Then I decided to install 0.2.27. Here I learned that in order to remove the old installation done by make install we can use make uninstall (if the installer is still intact) .

After I installed it, I find that the error we found from ./configure command in jabberd still persist. Random search at google i found this link Here I learned that sometimes for a library to work, we have to modify to include the library and ldconfig to update the links of the library.


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