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Looking at enterprise applications …

Lately i’ve been playing with some applications that supposedly utilized in enterprise scale business. There are some good points they have that i still miss in my daily coding work.

1. Message coding.

Big applications tends to have an organized structure of message code. Its like

[ADM0021] Error occured while setting user role.

Perhaps it needs more effort, but debugging such error should be much easier especially when the error is found by the users which, in some cases, is located somewhere far from us. Beside, it would be easier to document the error so that user can actually solve the problem themselves.

2. Software development management and stuffs

Documents such as software requirements, design, and change management are examples of things we need to NEGOTIATE. Without those, you’re going to have a prolonged projects with everchanging requirements. Other documents such as diagrams are needed to make your projects LOOK SOPHISTICATED. Stupid it is, but important.

3. Versioning

Do you ever make a folder in your desktop named “trash” and put everything in it in every month ? Versioning make it easy to put our work in an orderly manner, plus an option to return when we actually made stupid mistakes.