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Installing things

Okay, what I need to do is get some files including the installer from firebird official website and start installing. The installation is a smooth sailing process since the installer is already in executable form.

Now the bird is already installed, the next step would be creating a database instance. Since I hate to use firebird’s console, I started to look for an RDBMS. Fortunately from following the links in firebird official website I find a great RDBMS tool called IBExpert. The tool’s personal edition is free. Beware though, you have to commit transactions you made on it, since I spent hours to figure what’s wrong in my java program only to find the dummy data I inserted into the database hasn’t been commited.

Back to database creation, it’s easy to do that with the tool. But one thing that surprised me. The database is a single file, and we have to include it’s path in our connection string. How carefree …, but I think it’s easy to switch between dummy databases in development environment.

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Start to fly the Firebird

One day i was asked about a free database that can be used for housing transaction data of an internet voucher outlet. The word ‘free’ is particularly stressed since we cannot afford ( or rather don’t want to pay for) a commercial database.

Some names come into our team’s minds, including mysql, postgresql, and firebird, which I haven’t heard until recently. Then the mysql is out of consideration since it is not free. When we decided to use postgresql, we stuck in its limitation about FAT32 usage for data storage. Well, we agreed that FAT32 is an old filesystem that has many disadvantages than NTFS, but since we have no option to convert our computer’s partition type into NTFS, we started to try to fly the Firebird.

Funny though, it’s hard to get a simple manual regarding basic SQL commands like insert, update, delete, and select. Every attempt to find the manual end up in the Firebird official website, which don’t have it.

Should I create my own manual ?

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